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Aiding and Abetting
Recent Entries 
18th-May-2008 09:37 am(no subject)
Title - I dunno yet... XD
Location - The New Big Berry Circus
Characters - Maximillion Galactica and Ron DeLite (closed)
Completed - Nope
Summary - The flamboyant magician meets the Phantom Theif. Chaos ensues....
Warnings - CRAZINESS, and a lot of pink.

FABULOUS♥Collapse )
6th-May-2008 04:43 pm(no subject)
Title - Jammin'
Location - Gavinner's studio
Characters - Daryan & Klavier
Completed - No
Summary - The boys unleash their TRUE MUSICAL SELVES as they rock out.
Warnings - Daryan's antics and Klavier's German.

strummin' a few notesCollapse )
6th-May-2008 11:21 am - Desirée vs. Matt
Title - Epic Motorcycle Race
Location - Out on a highway near Palazzo Pelpepe
Characters - Desirée and Matt
Completed - Yes
Summary - Desirée and Matt have a motorcycle race.
Warnings - None

Who will win?!Collapse )
4th-May-2008 11:13 pm(no subject)
Title - Untitled
Location - Dowtown, side street - murder crime scene
Characters - Miles Edgeworth, Daryan Crescend
Completed - No
Summary - Miles meets the new officer Daryan in their first case working together.
Warnings - Reference to a violent crime
Note - This crime scene has nothing to do with the trial or any upcoming trials - it's simply for this log. Also this takes place before the practice trial, as a time line note.

Miles nodded in greeting to the uniform officer, allowing the man to lift up the yellow tape for the prosecutor to enter.Collapse )
30th-Apr-2008 12:12 am - Busywork
-main: blazing like the sun-
Title - Busywork
Location - Prosecutor's Office
Characters - Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright
Completed - No
Summary - Phoenix visits Miles at his office.
Warnings - None

busyworkCollapse )
26th-Apr-2008 04:13 pm - Viel Glück, Bruder
peering at you; smile
Title - Viel Glück, Bruder
Location - Defendant's Lobby
Characters - Klavier Gavin, Kristoph Gavin, Apollo Justice
Completed - No
Summary - Klavier goes to see his brother before Kristoph's first trial in the states.
Warnings - None!

26th-Apr-2008 12:52 am - The Prosecutor's Lobby
Mod icon
Title - The Prosecutor's Lobby
Location - the Prosecutor's lobby
Characters - Franziska von Karma, Dick Gumshoe, Miles Edgeworth, open
Completed - No
Summary - The Prosecutor's lobby before Miranda Note's trial.
Warnings - Reference to a violent crime
Notes - This has been changed from the trial log to solely the Prosecutor's lobby.
23rd-Apr-2008 12:19 am - Preparations
Title - Preparations
Location - Grossberg's Law Offices
Characters - Kristoph Gavin, Apollo Justice, and Phoenix Wright, should he stop by for a visit.
Completed - No
Summary - Kristoph is annoyed, Apollo is impressionable, and two defense attorneys meet for the first time? Subject to change as post goes on.
Warnings - None that I see in the future.

He paced about his office, like a lion trapped in a cage.Collapse )
22nd-Apr-2008 08:16 pm - [Open Thread]
Title - Seeing Stars
Location - Downtown Hollywood
Characters - Lamiroir and Machi Tobaye; Open.
Completed - No.
Summary - The two are new to LA and have a few moments to walk around and see the sights before another business meeting.
Warnings - None.

Through an alley of palm trees..Collapse )
22nd-Apr-2008 03:21 am - :.:envelopes:.:
-main: blazing like the sun-
Title - Envelopes
Location - Wright & Co. Law Offices, and to be determined
Characters - Phoenix Wright & Miles Edgeworth (closed with the exception of these two characters)
Completed - YES
Summary - Miles takes Phoenix out to lunch.
Warnings - None so far.

envelopesCollapse )
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